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Bootcamp Schedule

29/19PythonBeginner, IntermediateBeginner Deepnote, Intermediate Deepnote
39/26Numpy/PandasBeginner, IntermediateBeginner Deepnote, Intermediate Deepnote
410/3Graphs in PythonSlidesDeepnote
710/24Data JusticeSlides
811/7Work Session #1: Cleaning/WranglingSlides
911/14Work Session #2: Analysis/VizzesSlides
1011/28Work Session #3: Articles/Presentations
1112/5Demo Day!

Tip: If you're ever confused, feel free to reach out to any board member on Slack! You can also send a message to #bootcamp-f23 directly!

Administrative Links

Bootcamp Requirements

  • Our Bootcamp is completion-based (with no experience required). This means that as long as you attend bootcamps, complete a project, and publish it, you will become a HODP member!
  • All Bootcampers are given one no-questions-asked skip, to use your skip, please fill out the absence form above!
  • If you find yourself needing more than one absence, please reach out to board via or on Slack.

More info on bootcamp projects will be released later!

Project Information

  • Bootcamp projects are a chance for you to apply everything you've learned and to answer a data-oriented question (Harvard-related or not) that you're curious about!
  • Projects are completed in groups of two to four, if you don't already have a group -- that's alright! We'll pair you up with people based on your interests.
  • A project involves writing both an article and creating a 3-minute presentation for our Demo Day(s) (this is usually a great day involving food and Nick Sinai live-tweeting the event)! More info about project finalization steps will be released soon. For more information on requirements for the article, see the links in Project Resources!

Project Schedule (Tentative)

9/26Projects introduced.
10/10Form project groups in bootcamp social!
Submit project group @
Project groups released!
10/24Last content bootcamp!
11/7Work sessions begin.
12/3Projects due!
12/5Demo Day