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Bootcamp Schedule

29/15PythonBeginner, Beginner Deepnote, Intermediate, Intermediate DeepnotePython, Python Intermediate
39/22Numpy/PandasBeginner, Beginner Deepnote, Intermediate, Intermediate DeepnoteNumpy + Pandas
49/29Graphs in PythonSlides, Deepnote
610/13StatisticsSlides, Deepnote
810/27Data JusticeSlides
911/3Work Session #1: Cleaning/WranglingSlides
1011/10Work Session #2: Analysis/VizzesSlides
1111/17Work Session #3: Articles/Presentations

If you're ever confused, feel free to reach out to any board member on Slack! You can also send a message to #bootcamp-f22 directly!

Administrative Links

Bootcamp Requirements

  • Our Bootcamp is completion-based (with no experience required). This means that as long as you attend bootcamps, complete a project, and publish it, you will become a HODP member!
  • All Bootcampers are given one no-questions-asked skip, to use your skip, please fill out the absence form above!
  • If you find yourself needing more than one absence, please reach out to board via or on Slack.

More info on bootcamp projects will be released later!

Project Information

  • Bootcamp projects are a chance for you to apply everything you've learned and to answer a data-oriented question (Harvard-related or not) that you're curious about!
  • Projects are completed in groups of two to four, if you don't already have a group -- that's alright! We'll pair you up with people based on your interests.
  • A project involves writing both an article and creating a 3-minute presentation for our Demo Day(s) (this is usually a great day involving food and Nick Sinai live-tweeting the event)! More info about project finalization steps will be released soon. For more information on requirements for the article, see the links in Project Resources!

Project Schedule (Tentative)

10/6Form project groups.
10/13Project groups released!
10/27Last content bootcamp!
11/3Work sessions begin.
11/28Projects due!
12/1Demo Day